Kittywoof Dog Walking Service offers individual or small group walks at competitive prices to suit you and your dog(s) requirements.
A Kittywoof dog walker is a happy chappy.  A Kittywoof dog is a Happy dog!

KITTYWOOF DOG WALKING - Individual or Small Groups

What is a Kittywoof Walk?It is whatever you would like it to be!
We can walk your dog(s) from your own house in a route familiar to them, or go to a nearby walking spot - whatever makes your dog happy!
A Kittywoof walk does NOT include travel time,A Kittywoof walk does NOT include the time spend collecting your dog to and from walking locations,
A Kittywoof walk DOES include the full walking time that you are paying for. What type of walks do we offer?We offer a choice so you can match your walk to your dog's needs.
(a) Small group walks - for sociable, well-socialised dogsYour dog will be walked in a group of no more than 6 (unless you have a larger family group of dogs) allowing fun and interaction with the other dogs.  Our specialist insurance cover specifies that no more than 6 dogs can be walked at a time, so you can be guaranteed that your dogs will not become part of a large "pack".
(b) Individualised walks
Should your dog(s) require additional attention, and  is/are not able to walk with a group, then our individualised service will walk your dog(s) with the same service as in groups, but with extra care and attention. This service can also help with any training needs as we will be happy to continue your training or help with basic commands.

On or off lead?
The welfare of your dog(s) is of utmost importance at all times, so for this reason all dogs are initially walked on leads. However, once we have established a relationship (and of course, with your permission) we will provide off lead walks so your dog can run and explore.
Safety and Identification
The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that "every dog while in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it".  Therefore, for additional safety, we ensure dogs wear a tag engraved with KittyWoof's contact details whilst on a walk.
How to book Kittywoof Dog Walking ServicesIf you decide to go ahead with a booking, we will go through a short registration process and gather details about your dogs(s), provide you with a "Terms and Conditions" form to sign (for insurance purposes) and arrange a trial run (or walk!) if required. Once this registration process is complete, you can call on us to walk your dog as and when required.


Small Group Walks - for sociable, well-socialised dogs

Individualised walks - for unsociable or aggressive dogs

1 hour walk (one dog)£8.00
1 hour walk (one dog)

2 or more dogs£7.00 each dog2 or more dogs£9.00 each dog

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