Kittywoof will visit your puppy, cat or other small pet(s) in the comfort of their own home in the Blairgowrie, Alyth, Coupar Angus, Meigle, Newtyle, Kilry or surrounding areas (basically, those that fall within a 5 mile radius of Alyth) and attend to their needs whilst you are either away at work, on holiday or simply very busy!



What is a Kittywoof Pet Home Care Visit service?

Whether you are at work all day, or away for the night, a few days or a few weeks, Kittywoof can visit your pet(s) at home, ensuring they receive the same high degree of attention & affection; as if you were there.

The Kittywoof Pet Home Care Visit service can include:
  • Feeding (according to your instructions),
  • Providing fresh water,
  • Daily cleaning of bowls and/or feeding area,
  • Changing litter in cage of small pets (e.g. rodents),
  • Stocking up and cleaning outdoor bird tables,
  • Letting out into the garden (if appropriate) and cleaning up afterwards,
  • Pampering and playtime.
As part of the Kittywoof Pet Home Care service, we also include a Complimentary Service of light domestic security help (often referred to as "cats and curtains service") so that your house does not appear unoccupied.  We can also water your plants during a hot day or even purchase emergency groceries on request to be paid for upon your return.

What kind of pets need a home visit?


"Dogs come when they're called - Cats take a message and get back to you later". 

Cats are territorial animals and creatures of habit. While we humans love experiencing new things, cats like to stay in their own safe home environment.

We will visit your cat once or twice a day (or more if required), feed, clean up, check on their well being, give a little companionship and some tender loving care.


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself"

Some elderly dogs cannot manage a walk, but still require toilet breaks, some companionship and affection. Puppies who have not been through their inoculations will be unable to be walked as you would like, and may not yet be house-trained.

We will visit your dog/puppy once or twice a day (or more if required), feed, clean up, check on their well being, give a little companionship, play a little and have some fun. We are obviously aware of the difficulties involved in the transitional period, when you leave a puppy for the first time and go back to work. Puppies between the ages of 8-12 weeks will often require extra care and attention (including feeding, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training and general companionship). Puppies' minds at this stage are like sponges - they absorb everything going on around them and can quickly develop good or bad habits, which may last a lifetime. More than at any other stage, the experiences a puppy has during this period can affect how it will cope with the world as an adult dog. When the puppy has been fully vaccinated, Kittywoof can begin socialising it with other dogs, people and the outside environment. After puppies become juveniles, adolescents and then adults, (and a fully fledged member of the Kittywoof gang!) they will be woofing at you to continue our services for daytime dog walking (they'll be so used to their woodland walks!) or simply once or twice weekly so they can meet up with their pals and have a good old runaround!


"Breeding rabbits is a hare-raising experience"

All pets or wildlife will need looked after while you take that well earned break.

We will look after your rats, rabbits & guinea pigs, budgies & blue tits, hamsters, gerbils & other small rodents as per your detailed instructions.

We can also look after your fish and reptiles for you in your own home.

How to book Kittywoof Pet Home Care Visit

 1 Complete the booking form to help us provide the best possible service
   2 We register your pet and visit your home

Make your booking then relax


 1 visit

 2 or more visits per day
 £6.00 per visit

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