Kittywoof Pet Taxi Service offers a pet transportation service to safely transport your pet(s) wherever they need to go, and bring them back again too if need be!

Kittywoof Pet Taxi Service

If your pet needs to visit the local vet for a routine or emergency appointment,  local groomer or cattery etc., and you can't take time off work or don't have available transport, then let us do it for you.

We have transported animals from and to different locations within the UK, and are happy to quote upon request. WEDDINGS - We also offer a bespoke WEDDING service, having your dog before and after your wedding ceremony, with your "best friend" as "Ring Bearer", "Best Dog", or "Dog of Honour". Locally, we operate a pet taxi service (often referred to as "pet to vet" or "pet to cattery/kennels" within approximately an 8 mile radius.  We ensure your pet is at it's appointment on time and will stay with your pet if required during the appointment or collect them later to be returned home safely.

We do ask that you check our availability before confirming your pet's appointment. 

For added peace of mind the pet taxi vehicle is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

How much does the Kittywood Pet Taxi Service cost?

£10 per single or round trip plus £1 per mile.  Separate return trips count as 2 trips (just the same way humans travel!)


  1. We collect your pet(s) from your home and take them (and you, if you wish!) to the vet for their routine  or emergency appointment.  We wait whilst they are treated, and then bring them home.  You are charged £10 for the round trip plus the £1 per mile incurred to undertake the round trip.  (e.g. Alyth to Thrums Vet in Blairgowrie would be £10 charge plus 12 miles approx there and back = £22)  As competitive as a taxi but specially kitted out to transport animals safely, plus we wait with your pet until treatment is finished and bring them back safe & sound. 
  2. We collect your pet(s) from your home and take them to the vet, cattery, kennel, your mother-in-law's housel or anywhere else (e.g. Alyth to Perth)  You are charged £10 for the trip, and £1 per mile incurred to take them to their destination.  Therefore a journey from Alyth to Perth would be £10 charge plus 22 miles approx to destination = £32). 
  3. We collect your cats/dogs from the cattery/kennels 10 miles away and bring them home.  You are charged £10 for the trip, plus the 10 miles incurred bringing them home = £20).

Remember ........  you are responsible for ensuring that arrangements for paying your bill at the destination have been taken care of (e.g. cattery, vets bills etc) We are happy to take a cheque or cash on your behalf if this is what has been agreed in advance.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or phone us - we'd be delighted to give a free no obligation quotation.

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