Home Boarding with Kittywoof offers a home based alternative to kennels, with all the comforts of home and a minimum of 2 hour-long walks every day.  Dogs come from the local area, plus wider afield to enjoy their Kittywoof holiday experience.

Day care provides up to 12 hours day care with a minimum of 2 hour long walks - ideal when you or your dog(s) just "need a bit of time" to yourself


What is Home Boarding?


Your dog(s) will live with us as if they were our own, staying in our own home in St. Andrew Street, Alyth. 

Our dog boarding service is intended for dogs who,

  • Prefer the comforts of home
  • May not respond well to traditional boarding kennels
  • Need a bit of extra special care,
  • Have special medical needs,
  • or who may just need a little extra affection and attention.

What is included?

Your dog (or dogs) will be walked a minimum of 3 times per day, obviously tailored to their breed, age and health limitations (including 2 hour-long walks according to their needs and requirements). Your dog(s) will get lots of attention, fun, games & affection, but we warn you……. they may not want to leave!


Safety & Identification

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that "every dog while in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it". Therefore, for additional safety we ensure dogs wear a tag engraved with KittyWoof's contact details whilst they are in our care. 

On or off lead?

The welfare of your dog is of utmost importance at all times, so for this reason all dogs are initially walked on leads. However, once we have established a relationship, (and of course, with your permission) we will provide off lead walks so your dog can run and explore.

Who supplies bedding?

To comply with home boarding legislation & registration, owners should supply their dogs bedding.  This has the added benefit of providing familiarity during their stay, helping your pet to settle.  However, in case of "accidents", we have a supply of clean fresh bedding to use until we have your own freshly laundered.  We would also be happy for your pet to bring any special toys or comforts for their home from home stay.

What about food?

Due to the variety of different diets available, we ask you to provide enough food for your dog's stay, plus a little extra for contingencies (e.g. should you be delayed).

Will there be other doggie boarders?

NO STRANGERS! Our boarding services are carried out in our own home, and as we do not have a kennel facility, we cannot accommodate dogs from more than one household at a time (unless they are dogs from the same family, or dogs who know each other & have previously been walked or lived well together).  This also complies with home boarding legislation & registration. 

What's next?

If you decide to go ahead with a booking, we will go through a short registration process where we will meet with you and your dog(s), gather information about your dog(s) and provide you with a Term and Conditions form to sign (for insurance purposes). Once the registration process is complete you can then call on us to board your dog(s) as and when required. We would recommend early booking for peak holiday times.  We would also ask you to provide evidence of up to date inoculation (we will keep a photocopy for our records to comply with legislation and registration).

Can you collect and drop off my dog(s)?

We can collect and/or drop off your dog at a mutually convenient time (perhaps the night before or after if you have a flight to catch, or want to see your pet settled to allow you to finalise travel plans). 

Is there a charge for this service?

This service is free of charge within the town of Alyth. Dogs living outwith Alyth can be transported using our Pet Taxi Service.



Dogs who can walk as part of a small group

Doggie Day Care

1 dog (up to 12 hours) £18.00
2 or more dogs £14.00 each dog

Doggie Home Boarding

1 dog (24 hour stay) £18.00
2 or more dogs £14.00 each dog

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